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BattleForge is an upcoming game developed by EA Phenomic. Gaming giants Electronic Arts will publish the game. BattleForge is real-time strategy game. Release dates are not revealed by the developers but it may release in 2009. According to the developers BattleForge will only be released for Microsoft Windows in 2009. BattleForge is not like [...]

Fat Princesses

PlayStation 3 wants players to find some versatility in the games being released for PlayStation 3 and other Sony products like PSP and PlayStation Network. One such game is Fat Princesses. It will shift your mind from regular gun battles and blood to a world where there will be fight and blood but in [...]

Dawn of Fantasy

Dawn of Fantasy as the name suggests is fantasy based game. It will be released in the last quarter of the year. It is developed by Netherlands based Lighthouse Interactive, who are famous for their Ship Simulator games. Set in fantasy world there are four playable races included in the game. Main objective [...]

Evodom — Survival of the fittest

Evodom is an upcoming game in the world of Real-time strategy. Once released it you will be able to download it from Internet. It will be different from other games of Real-time strategy because instead of human or mutant races you have to control a colony of insects known as Evolets. Another difference is [...]

Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl is an upcoming multi genre game. It can be counted in Sports, Real time strategy, or turn based strategy. It is based on a combination of American Football and a Board game of the same name. It was produced by Games Workshop under their famous Warhammer Fantasy label, using the Living Rulebook [...]