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Far Cry 2: Money, Diamonds, and Blood

Far Cry is one the four game that are regarded as pillars of First person Shooter (FPS) genre. Developed by Crytek, German game developers and published by Ubisoft, it hit the market on March 23, 2004 and within the period of four months is sold more than 730,000 units. A sequel to the game was [...]

Crackdown 2

Crackdown is the one of the most successful game of the sandbox-style genre. It is one of the game under Microsoft’s strategy to promote Xbox 360 as it can be played only on the platform of Xbox 360. It was created by David Jones, the man behind Grand Theft Auto. It sold more then 1.5 [...]

Left 4 dead 2

Left 4 Dead best survival horror game ever, this game is often regarded as the one of the best example of sandbox style of games. The developers for the game Valve Corporation was planning a sequel to Left 4 Dead since the day it was released. Left 4 dead 2 is under the development [...]

Dead Island

Dead Island is an upcoming videogame being developed by polish developers Techland. They are famous for their games like Call of Juarez and Chrome. It will be released on Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. It will be an open-ended game centered on survival. Main protagonist of the game has to find his wife on [...]