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The Crossing

Last game from Arkane Studios Dark Messiah of Might and Magic was well received by the critics and it went for some good business. It was the only game released by the developers so far. After the gap of five years Arkane Studios is back with a new game known as The Crossing. Valve [...]

Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection was one of the most played Half-Life modifications. For the First time players were offered a different and wonderful blend of first person shooter with Real-time strategy gameplay. A sequel is under development that time only. Natural Selection 2 is an upcoming game for Microsoft Windows. The game will be a direct [...]

Flock (video game)

From the violent world of Street Fighter and Devil May Cry Capcom is bringing a game based in a sweet and non-violent world. Capcom is now expanding their parameters for the gaming world. They don’t want to stick to the genres of Beat-me-up and action, and want to release as much as possible games [...]

Counter Strike Online

Counter strike was one of earliest game that gave players an online sensation of first person shooting. In the summers of 1999 world saw the first version of Counter strike, which was going to be one of the most played online game. Originally it was a beta version of Half-life, one of the most successful [...]

Counter Strike–Lock and Load

Counter strike or commonly known as CS is a tactical first person shoot game. It was modified from a Half Life modification by minh gooseman le cliffe. Counter strike was expanded into a series since its original launch. The counter strike series include counter strike: condition zero, counter Strike: source, counter Strike: anthology and [...]