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Wii Sports Resort

Wii is the winner of the race of the best seventh generation console. One of the reason for the success of Wii was its Wireless Remotes that are compatible perfectly with the games released on Wii. Most successful game for this generation is Wii Sports. There are many kind of sports included in Wii [...]

The Grinder

Finally, after swapping up the market Wii is getting into the market of hardcore gamers. We all know most of the Wii users are soft gamers. Games released on Wii are violence free. Wii now wants some games, which will have the features of hardcore gaming like serious gunfight and little chaos. First, such [...]


Yet another Punch-Out!! Game is under development. Punch-Out!! Series is one of the most famous series in the Sports genre. Punch-Out!! is placed with Sports Game series like Madden NFL and FIFA. Punch-Out!! will be the sixth game in the series. It will be a remake of the Punch-Out!! for NES. It will [...]

Icarian: Kindred Spirits

Icarian: Kindred Spirits is an upcoming WiiWare game. Wii is top selling game console but the parameters and the categories of the games released for Wii are limited. To solve the problem Wii is releasing games under as much genres as possible. Ranging from FPS to action-adventure, many games are under development for [...]

G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra

COBRA is the biggest threat to the world and he is once again ready to destroy the world. He unleashes the deadliest plan ever created by anyone. No one can stand in front of The Great COBRA. But there is a team swore to save the world on any condition and from any one, [...]

Animal de Muerte — Animals of the Dead

Animal de Muerte is an upcoming game for Wii. High Voltage Software is the company developing the game. Animal De Muerte will only be released for Wii. It will be the second game for WiiWare. Released dates are not revealed by the game developers. It is one of the most awaited game for Wii. [...]


Nobody can predict future, it’s unpredictable. Predicting future is not an easy job and it’s even more difficult when it comes to the gaming world. This fast-paced world of video games full of roller coaster rides. Now the time is changing and with the inventions of many wonders in video games, like the reality [...]

EA Sports Active-The personal trainer

Electronic Arts one of the largest game publishers in the world is now coming with collaboration with Wii. EA Sports Active is a long awaited game for new generation gamers. EA Sports Active is under development by EA Canada for the Wii console. It was announced on 13 November 2008, releasing dates were set [...]