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Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

Marvel vs. Capcom is a series of fighting games. This series is famous for its exclusive mixing of two giants of comic world. Marvel as we all know is the name behind some of the best known super heroes of the Modern times. Capcom is one of the largest video game developers and publishers. Some [...]

Halo Wars – “Finish the Fight”

Halo Wars is an upcoming game for Xbox 360. It will be a real time strategy game only to be released on Xbox 360. Don’t get confused by the name, as it will not be a first person shooter like the other games of the Halo franchise. However, it is similar to Halo as it [...]

The Ghostbusters – They are Back

Don’t worry about ghost when Ghostbusters are there. In late eighties and early nineties Ghostbuster rock the world in TV series, movies, and cartoons. Now Ghostbusters is set to release as video game, Ghostbusters: the Video Game will be action game tool over. It will be available PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo [...]

XBMC Media Center

Just as some one tries to outrun Microsoft, they return to the field with most innovative ideas. After the enormous success of their gaming console PlayStation Sony Corporation was promising to that, they will remove the Windows from the market. This evoked Microsoft to land in the console market, they came up with Xbox [...]


King of fighters or Za kingu obu Faitazu in Japanese, and officially abbreviated as KOF. It’s a series of fighting games produced by SNK Playmore, formerly known as SNK. Originally this fighting games series was developed for SNK’s Neo-Geo MVS arcade hardware. It served as the main platform for the series until 2004, when [...]

Counter Strike–Lock and Load

Counter strike or commonly known as CS is a tactical first person shoot game. It was modified from a Half Life modification by minh gooseman le cliffe. Counter strike was expanded into a series since its original launch. The counter strike series include counter strike: condition zero, counter Strike: source, counter Strike: anthology and [...]

DirectX Compatibility

Any one all over the earth ever played any game on P.C or on gaming console like Xbox or ever got into any kind of media file on a Microsoft platform is surely aware of DirectX.Microsoft DirectX is a collection of application programming interface (APIs) for handling tasks related multimedia. This includes mainly [...]