The 3rd Birthday

The%203rd%20Birthday The 3rd Birthday

Square Enix is known for its RPG (role-playing game) like Kingdom of Heart, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. Now a third person shooter is under their belt, the game is named The 3rd Birthday. Both Square Enix and Sony want their products to go more global then they now are. The 3rd Birthday will be the third part in the famous Parasite Eve series. Last game of the series Parasite Eve was released nine years back in 2000. to create the suspense very few information is released under the section of plot. The 3rd Birthday is a spin-off from the Parasite Eve series, that’s why the title Parasite Eve is not included in the title. The game will see the return of Aya Brea main protagonist the previous games. Design of the game is changed significantly from the predecessors. But as it is number three in the series and have “3” in the name, fans are referring it by the name of “Parasite Eve 3”. The game will release on Sony’s PlayStation Portable. Releasing dates are yet to be confirmed by the developers.

What ever is revealed by the developers, plot of the game revolves around Aya. Late on the Christmas Eve, Aya and few other members of CTI are called into the headquarter. Reason is an outbreak of attacks in Manhattan. Creatures named as Twisted are behind these attacks. These characters suddenly emerge from mysterious time contortion. Any details about the time contortion and creatures will be revealed later. Just like the other games of the series main focus of the game will be Aya. Although her age is some where in the middle thirties, but due to her powers she still looks like a twenty years old. Reason to keep Aya in her twenties was given by the Motomu Toriyama, Chief scenario Director as it will be hard to focus on a woman in her mid thirties and playing a role of a cool and independent woman. The game was announced in 2007 in Japan. A teaser released shows Aya in wedding dress, however nothing is explained about it.

The%203rd%20Birthday-4 The 3rd Birthday

Initially the game was announced only to be released on mobile phones, but later in an private fan event, it was announced for PSP. A trailer was shown at Tokyo Game Show. It shows events of Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve 2 and then switching to the events of 3rd Birthday. The teaser starts with Aya in a street and snow is falling, a time cortex slowly opens near her. Continuing it shows a guy offering his hand to Aya, the guy is believed to be Kyle Madigan returning from Parasite II. an unknown creature emerges from the cortex and attacks Aya. The teaser ends with the logo of The 3rd Birthday and confirming that the game is exclusively developed for PSP. Another trailer shows Aya in a church. A mysterious figure is standing at the end of the church when she approaches the figure, he opens fire on Aya. According to the gaming magazine Famitsu The 3rd Birthday should be at Tokyo Game Show 2009.

The%203rd%20Birthday-1 The 3rd Birthday

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