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Last game from Arkane Studios Dark Messiah of Might and Magic was well received by the critics and it went for some good business. It was the only game released by the developers so far. After the gap of five years Arkane Studios is back with a new game known as The Crossing. Valve Corporation is providing support to Arkane Studios in the development of the game. The Crossing will make use of the Source engine so the Valve Corporation. The Crossing will be played from the First person perspective. Fusion of the single and the multiplay gameplay will be the best part of the game. The fusion is coined as Crossplayer by the developers. No release dates are confirmed by the developers. Once release the game will be available on Steam for download. As of May 15th 2009 The Crossings is considered “On Hold”. This announcement was made by CEO and creative director of Arkane Studios Raphael Colantonio. Later he also announced that the development of the game had been put on hold because of some unanticipated financial challenges.

The game add in the idea of parallel universes. It will be set across two completely different version’s of modern day Paris. The first one universe shares many similarities visually to the Modern day Paris. The city is fell into chaos after the collapse of the governing body. Second universe is based in the year 1307, here instead of being scattering the Knights Templar are controlling the French town. The story will swap amid the two universe continuously. Gameplay of the game is a fusion of the single and the multiplayer mode. External players will be allowed to play as enemies in the single player mode. For the players in the multiplayer mode they will try to avoid a more powerful character or to assassinate him in the single player mode. Skirmish is the name of a team-based multiplayer mode in the game. Just like the normal multiplayer mode this mode is also incorporated into the single player campaign. The main player will try to avoid the team based gameplay i.e. Skirmish. This unique gameplay will drive you crazy and you have to be at your best when playing the single player mode as you will not be against the bots, instead you will be against the humans, most wicked creature on earth.

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