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The Saboteur is an upcoming game currently under development by Pandemic Studios. Earlier Pandemic Studious is known for developing games like many games like The Lord of the Rings: Conquest, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, Destroy All Humans I and II, Star War series and many more. The game is set in World War II. Release dates are not set, but it may be released in the second fiscal quarter of 2009. Official Saboteur Website was given a do up in April, 2009 with new information added. More information about the game will be revealed in the May 2009 issue of UK based PSM3 magazine as a cover story. The Saboteur will be published by Electronic Arts. The game will use a new and unique game engine called as Odin Engine. The Saboteur will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. Then game will be multi genre and will be released for Third-person shooter, Action-adventure and Stealth. Only single player is promised by the developers. The game is in new because of some unique contents seen first time in any game. According to the Gamespot The Saboteur is described as Freedom Fighter game. They further expecting a large time span between April 1, 2009 and March 31, 2010 for the release of then game. Many exciting trailers are released for the game showing Sean Devlin as the protagonist killing Nazi officers. He explains in the trailer what is important for him. The Saboteur is like a new spin to the old themes, making them fresh and different. According to Tom French lead designer of the game inspiration for the game is drawn from Indiana Jones movies, Assassin’s Creed and French Film Amelie. For the first time World War II settings are shown in completely different style from the traditional World War games.

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Not much is revealed about the game by the developers, but only few settings are announced by Pandemic Studios. According to the developers players will be explore the city of Paris and some of the countryside. Key element of the gameplay is color. Players will experience Okami-esque style when entering certain parts of the city. The unique and most exciting part of the gameplay is that in order to make a district colored you have to make the German Nazi forces of that area weak. Once the forces are weaken the citizens of that area will become hopeful and that part will be known as “Will to fight” or WtF factor. The areas are darker where WtF factor is low. The color shades of that area are of grey and of depressing colors. Notable exception for colors in the areas of low WtF factor is several accurate German red flags with red swastika. Where the WtF factor is high, that particular areas are of vibrant and bright and pleasure giving colors. Not only colors of a particular area are affected by the WtF but gameplay settings also. Again areas with low WtF factor will be flooded by German soldiers. They will patrol most of the places on the map in large numbers, along with that French resistance for the most of the part is inactive and citizens are cowardly. Areas with WtF factor Germans will be less powerful and will not patrol all the time and most of the area. Germans in these areas will be centered on military barracks, bases police stations e.t.c. French citizens along with resistance of that area will help Sean, if fight with the Germans.

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The plot of The Saboteur will be an exception in kingdom of World War II games. Instead of having stereotypical Allied soldier protagonist like most of the World War II games like Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and Band of Brothers, it will follow a single man Sean Devlin. Main Character is played by one of the most famous actor of the gaming world Robin Atkin Downes. He ends up fighting up Germans by sabotage, redolent of the French Resistance. The main character is based on real war hero William Grover-Williams. Sean Devil is an Irish man, regular among the racing groups of Paris. German Army is gripping the area around him, but he ignores them until one day when his friend killed by Nazi soldiers. This event breaks Sean’s tolerance of the German army and he takes up arms against them to gain his revenge. He is assisted by the British and French Intelligence agencies. Both of them will help him to seek his revenge.

Primary missions of Sean will revolve around exacting revenge on high ranking German Officers and Officials. Sean has to reach point where he will be able to exact vengeance. Secondary missions are not confirmed but there are new that there will be few secondary missions. Secondary mission can hold features like raising WtF for certain regions and access to new weapons. Some of the most exciting and new features of the game includes are:

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  1. Art of Damage – the players has to remain undetected he can use his stealth tactics on order to do so. While doing so his mission will be to gather his mission intel and underground clubs and cabarets. You have to master many variety automobiles, weapons, and skills to damage enemy operations.
  2. Open-world Environment – for the first time in gaming Paris is shown as an open world environment.
  3. Assassinations – Eliminate targets with disguise, distractions, explosives and stealth attacks.
  4. Will to Fight – you can experience how the city reacts and changes around you as you free it from Nazis. Not only you have to free Paris also you have to restore hope.

So be ready to take on the Nazis. Not only you have to beat the Nazis, but also you have to raise the hopes in French citizens. feel the World War II in a different way, the way you never seen before.

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