Thief 4

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Thief is a series of video game with stealth settings. Player acquires the character of a thief known as Garrett. He is a thief based in a world that resembles a crossway between Late Middle Ages and Victorian Era. Although the game is based in the Victorian Era, Garrett uses some best technological tools to execute his job. Until now, three games have been released and the fourth one is under development. Thief 4, which literally means Thi4f, is the fourth title of the series. Thief 4 is under the development of Eidos Montreal. The game will be published by Square Enix, they are famous for their game series Final Fantasy. Thief 4 was officially announced on May 11, 2009 with listing of the game on Eidos’ home page, since then nothing is revealed by the developers.

There were several rumors had been circulating about the fourth title of the Thief series. The fourth part was under development at that time. In an interview for Deus Ex 3, Eidos Montréal’s General Manager Stéphane D’Astous confirmed that company’s second “AAA title” which will start with letter T could be released next year. The game was officially announced on May 11, 2009. D’Astous stated on the main page explaining that the game is under development. Therefore, you may see the Thief 4 very soon released for you and once again, you start to solve problems by the art of stealing. D’Astous said the following lines when explaining about the development of the game: The game is in the early stages, but it is a determined and interesting project. Game details are too early to be revealed and the focus of Eidos is to hire best talent for the development of the game.

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