Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

Website Hosting Tiger Woods is one of the best known in the Sports world as well as in the gaming world. The game series Tiger Woods PGA Tour is a well-known game series. There are twelve games in the series. Twelfth game of the series Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is the latest game in the series. Just like the previous games it will be a golfing simulation video game developed by Electronic Arts Tiburon (EA Tiburon). Publishers for the game are EA or Electronic Arts The game was released on June 8th this year on the platforms of Xbox 360, iPhone OS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation 3. However, nothing is known about the release dates of the game on iPhone. There will be three different modes in the game single, online multiplayer and multiplayer.

For the first time in the franchise’s history the U.S. Open, the USGA Championship and the USGA’s Rules are used in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010. One more thing changes in the game is the distance has been reduced by 40 yards from 09 and maximum possible distance of 325 yards. Now player can set “Powercapping” online and Weather Control, which will allow dynamic data for the game. An all-new “Tournament Challenge” mode will allow players to copy famous shots and the moments from the PGA history. Now if players want to enjoy the best shots of the PGA, they will use Tournament Challenge.

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Online option of the game will change the way Daily Tournament are played. After playing every round players will be asked to post their score and if they don’t want to they just can play from the first hole. “Play the Pros” is yet another new feature in the game. Online players will have an option of posting their scores against the real life PGA Leaderboards. Additionally to make it more real players can play in Tour Pro mode. To support the game EA will deliver 4 rounds weekly tournaments. Users can choose either to play all rounds in the same day or play only one round. However, if they choose to play only one round they will have a single chance to go at it. There will be 60-second shot clock available for the unranked and ranked players. Many new courses are included in the game like Pinehurst, Torrey Pines, Hazeltine National Turnberry and finally Banff Springs. All the new courses will have new tournaments. Wii version of the game is the best of all the platform he is planning. It will also support Wii Notional, it will be including ability to draw and fade and or it will allow for more authentication sports motion to the golf.

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