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Velvet Assassin is one more game to the genre of Stealth action game, which gave us some trademark release in the world of gaming. Previously the game was known as Sabotage. Velvet Assassin is developed by Replay Studios and published by SouthPeak Interactive. The game is released only on Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The game is inspired from one of the best-known woman of the stealth world Violette Szabo. She was best known for her services in the Nazi occupied Germany in the era of World War II. You will take the role of Violette Summer try to goes behind the enemy lines spoil the German War machine. The game shares many similarities with famous stealth games like No One Lives Forever, Hitman Series and last but not least Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. It will only be released in single player mode.

The story breaks in Devon, England, Violette Summer living a happy life with a great and active childhood. She starts working in a salon before War breaks out in England. She joins the weapon industry and soon noticed by Secret Services. Because of her good looks, beautiful and athletic details. After completing some formalities, she is recruited to MI6 in the darkest hours of British history. She lost her aunt in German Luftwaffe (Air Force) bombing and adding to her woes, she lost her aunt RAF husband in battle. Instead of loosing her confidence, she use these painful experience to inspire herself to get successful in the world of spy. Violette executes many successful missions in Germany, before being wounded badly by an German Sniper, while attempting to kill am German military intelligence officer. Exhausted in a hospital in France, she reveals many missions including assassination of a colonel in a cathedral in Paris, stealing documents, marking a sub pen for bombers in Hamburg during Operation Gomorrah, blowing a fuel depot, and finding three secret agents in Warsaw. The last one is most confusing as all the three agents are kept at three different places. First, on she finds in sewers seriously wounded she silences him second one is already dead. The third and the Final agent is in Gestapo prison in Warsaw. She travels all along to the prison and kills the agent by giving him cyanide. A bulk of gameplay will take place during the flashbacks in the hospital.

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During her memories, it is shown that two unknown men are arguing about whether to keep Violette alive, give her up to the SS, or kill her to save her from the torture if she is captured by the Nazis. Some one betrayed her location she wake up from coma only to find Nazi soldiers storming the hospital. She escapes the hospital and finds that the all the villagers are killed by the Dirlewanger Brigade. They are taking all the soldiers to church locking them in and then lit up the church. She collapse due to the emotional and other exhaustions. The leader of German unit Kamn is shown, whose face was bunt by Violette in an assassination attempt. The game ends showing Violette standing in hospital gown and watching a German plane from the window.

You take control of Violette Summer, a beautiful but deadly spy. She works behind the enemy lines without any official support from British Government. There are gameplay features resembling Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell game series. In order to avoid getting detected player must hide shadows. When hiding Violette will have an purple aura surrounding her, this aura will fade when she comes out in the light. Once detected she will have to fight or escapes the guards. There is a special gameplay feature looks like modifying the bullet time action of Max Payne. The new feature is known as “Morphine Mode”, once triggered it will shift Violette to the hospital to be administered by nurse with doses of Morphine. Once when you returns to the game, the game will temporarily freezes and give players an opportunity to execute any remaining enemies. However, you can only use this mode only for limited number of times.

SouthPeak along with Peter Chung are developing a Limited Edition Digital Graphic Novel based on the game. Best known for his creations like Aeon Flux and Animatrix Peter Chung is the best person to do the job. Those who had pre-ordered the game from GameStop will receive the Novel. The game is developed in Germany. The game will be played from a third-person prospective and there will be 50 counted stealth kills. The kills will change according to the weapons Violette is using. So get ready for a all-new Stealth game in the legacy of games like Splinter Cell.

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