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After a very long time a game is released in the genre of driving games. Wheelman is a driving game developed by Midway Games Newcastle. It is the same company behind the game series like Mortal Combat, NHL and NBA maximum. Wheelman is published by Ubisoft and Midway Games. It is released on the platforms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. Unreal Engine 3 is used in the game for better graphics and gameplay options. The game was release in North America and Europe on March 24 and 27 2009 respectively. Like most of the driving games Wheelman is a multi genre game, and other then the features of driving games it will also have features of Action-adventure and Sandbox style games. Wheelman is released only in the single player mode and the multiplayer mode is missing. A movie featuring Vin Diesel was also announced with the announcement of the game. The movie is set to release in somewhere in 2009, however exact dates are still to be released. The film will be released as the sequel for the game as the game will serve background for the game.

wheelman%201 Wheelman

Protagonist of the game is Milo Burik a digitized Vin Diesel. He is a driver who is now retired. He comes out of his retirement to save a woman from his past. This leads him to Barcelona, Spain. Accidentally he gets involved in a gang war which completely changes his world. Wheelman is based in an open ended world, inspired from Barcelona. A total of 31 story missions along with 105 side missions are included in the game with shortcuts through office blocks, alleyways and a large number of destructible objects. Most of the missions are driving based leaving only a few foot oriented mission. Third person and an incorporated crouching system are used for the foot oriented missions, just like the one used in Goldeneye. A wide range of guns are used in the game. Protagonist of the game Milo Burik drives a Pontiac G8 in the game. Another car believed to be accessible in the game is Opel Astra.

First announcement for Wheelman dates back to February 2006. Midway Games jointly with Midway and MTV Networks will publish three games including Wheelman. Design for the game is a result for the joint work of Midway and Tigon Studios. Wheelman is finally released after a wait of three years. For start it is released in major territories like Unites States of America, Europe and Australia on March 24 and for the rest of the world on March 27. The game was well received by most of the gaming media magazines and other media. However, it was criticized for short story mode. Lack of multiplayer mode is also criticized. Wheelman is full of movie style thrills in vehicles but the on foot missions are not upto the mark.

wheelman%202 Wheelman

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