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Wii is the winner of the race of the best seventh generation console. One of the reason for the success of Wii was its Wireless Remotes that are compatible perfectly with the games released on Wii. Most successful game for this generation is Wii Sports. There are many kind of sports included in Wii Sports, some of them were modified from real life games. Wii’s strategy was clear why get confused in 17 buttons when you can just swing the bat of baseball. After the huge success of Wii sports now Nintendo EAD the name behind Wii Sports is bringing you the sequel of Wii Sports Resort, the sequel of Wii Sports.

Wii Sports Resort will be a game in the genre of sports game. It will release on July 24 and July 26, 2009 respectively in European Association and North America. The game is developed by Nintendo EAD and will be published by Nintendo. It will make use of the Wii Remote, Wii MotionPlus and Nunchuk. Wii Sports Resort is a part of the ongoing series of games known as Wii Series. It will be compatible with Wii MotionPlus. Wii Sports will be sold bundled with a MotionPlus device and an extended Wii Remote Jacket. Both these will be available for the individual sale also. Wii Sports Resort is set in a beach resort island called Wuhu Island. The same island also featured in Wii Fit. There will be twelve games available to play. Those twelve games are as follows:

Power Cruising


Table Tennis









Air Sports

Wii%20Sports%20Reosrt-1 Wii Sports Resort

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