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Return to Castle Wolfenstein is regarded as one of the finest first person shooter game. Released in 2002 this game presented a wonderful blend of World War based game in survival horror settings. Leaving behind the traditional missions of World War II, RTCW featured some less famous missions of World War. Some of them were pure First Person Shooter kind and some were purely Survival Horror. Sequel for the RTCW is almost ready and is named as simply Wolfenstein. It is developed by four different studios, Raven Software, id software, Pi Studios and Endrant Studios. It will be published by the gaming giants Activision and use heavily modified id Tech 4 game engine. Genre for the game will be science fiction first person shooter. Wolfenstein was first revealed in 2004 in an interview by id Software’s Todd Hollenshead on TechTV. Release date confirmed by the developers is August 4, 2009. Wolfenstein will release on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and Linux.

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Wolfenstein starts in the year 1943; Second World War is at its height. Allied Forces have slowed down Hitler’s Third Reich. However somewhere in Europe, this Nazi war machine still has its roots. Hitler’s intentions are clear he wants a worldwide domination. Heinrich Himmler is planning something fearful with SS, a supernatural force known as the Black Sun. With this power almost ready Reich will become so powerful that it will be impossible to stop them, no army of the world can stop them. But the world doesn’t need an army all they need is a man who single handedly shut down the Himmler’s Übersoldat program. Once again world needs special agent B.J. Blazkowicz. All the old enemies of Return to Castle Wolfenstein will return to the game, like The Elite Guards, Veil Heavy Trooper, The Despoiled, Scribes an SS Infantry.

id Software’s id Tech 4 is used as the engine in the game. Before Wolfenstein Quake 4 and Doom 3 used this technology, however id Tech 4 is heavily modified specially for Wolfenstein. Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version are developed by Raven Software. Some of the modifications for the game include increase in depth of field and addition of a supernatural realm known as The Veil. The Veil will allow players to slow down the time, defeat enemies that have an impenetrable shield, and get around obstacles that exist in the real world. Endrant Studios studio developed the multiplayer part of the game. There is a new lighting effect in the game known as “Deferred Shading” it will allow many dynamic lights in the same area. It will allow more than 90 dynamic lights in the scene, this is far more than Doom 3. In order to increase performance on multi-core systems game engine runs in multiple threads.

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Wolfenstein’s multiplayer version is based on the modified engine of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Both the single and multiplayer version of the game will be based on id Tech 4’s heavily modified version. Multiplayer version of Wolfenstein will follow the game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. This is the only official information revealed about the game. On March 16, 2009 someone leaked the screenshots of the multiplayer version of Wolfenstein. However, it is still unknown whether these maps will feature in the Final version or not, since they were created by Three Software who are not involved in the development of Wolfenstein. So wait for August and once again feel the two worst fears of human, living dead and Nazi’s at the same time.

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